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Junaid Kalia, MD – Founder, Institute of Health Innovation & Education

I asked my mother if there is one word to describe me. She said “Grit”. Ever since I have been a boy I have relentlessly pursued my passion and persevered. I was the first in my extended family to become a physician. I became one of the few super-specialists in the USA that are dual-trained in Neurocritical Care and Epilepsy. I come from a humble background but the dedication of my parents led me to achieve academic excellence. I have always been passionate about two things technology and healthcare. With the advancement of technology, the two worlds are not just getting close but colliding. This poses both a challenge and a significant opportunity.

As a specialist in Neurocritical Care, Stroke, and Epilepsy, Junaid Kalia, MD, possesses extensive experience in managing complex cases and providing the best care for patients. Throughout Junaid Kalia’s career, senior positions have been held at various healthcare organizations, providing valuable insights into the workings of the industry. Around two years back, he founded a non-profit organization: Institute of Health Innovation and Education (IHIE) in Texas, United States. Our primary focus is on addressing the issues of high quality and affordable healthcare by using AI technology while prioritizing eco-friendly practices.

Junaid Kalia is also the founding member of Tajdeed.us, a syndicate venture fund specializing in HealthTech. Through this role, Junaid Kalia has been able to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the industry, constantly seeking out new opportunities to invest in innovative startups that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare.

Meet Our Team

Saleema Mehboob Ali

 Executive Director

Muhammad Mushhood Ur Rehman

Development Director

Saira Kalia

Board Member

Jawad Kalia

Jawad Kalia

Board Member

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